Henan TV Spring Festival gala combines tradition and modernity--埃及中国周报
The poster of 2024 Henan TV Spring Festival gala. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

The 2024 Henan TV Spring Festival gala will arrive on Wednesday night with various art forms, creating a distinctive atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.

Delving into historical narratives, the program explores contemporary themes, hot topics, inheritance of traditional festivals, family ties and societal emotions.

From customs and elements related to the "dragon" to millennia-old intangible cultural heritage, from stunningly beautiful traditional Chinese songs and dances to the rapid development of modern technology, this year's gala promises a truly unique experience.

Employing a cinematic filming approach, the gala focuses on various aspects of life in a more delicate and multidimensional style, allowing viewers to deeply appreciate the beauty in their everyday existence.

Among the featured shows, Dance of Dragons creatively incorporates the millennia-old shehuo ritual performance, symbolizing blessing and auspiciousness in traditional Chinese culture.

The dance show Celestial Horses Amidst Auspicious Clouds, draws inspiration from giant stone murals of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) discovered at the Zhouqiao Bridge site in Kaifeng of Henan, which ranked among China's top ten archaeological discoveries in 2022.

The gala also highlights technological wonders, showcasing the ever-growing vitality of modern society. In the show The Strength of China, Jackie Chan immerses himself in a space that blends technological ambiance with Chinese civilization, showcasing the nation's burgeoning and advancing technological prowess.

Watch Live:

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